Labor Force               

Population (2000 Census) :

Community 4,008 County 90,9114
Employment (Tuscarawas County)   Employment (Contiguous Counties)
Labor Force--45,300      Labor Force--268,400
Employment--43,100     Employment--256,600
Unemployment Rate-4.86%   Unemployment Rate-4.40%

Government and Taxes   
Municipal organization: Mayor, City Council, full-time staff
Full-Time police force
Full-Time Emergency and Rescue Department
Full-time and Part-time Fire Department
Insurance Rating: Class 6 for Residential and Commercial
County organization: Commissioners, full-time staff
County Sheriff and Ohio State Highway Patrol have a daily presence
Retail Sales Tax: State 5.75%, County 1%, City-none, Total 6.75%
Motel/Hotel Bed Tax: County 3%
Real Estate Tax: City $47.92/$1,000 assessed on 35% of appraised value less a reduction factor

Electric: American Electric Power (AEP) 138 kv power transmission line on site
Gas: Columbia Gas of Ohio - 6" High Pressure and 3" Medium Pressure lines on sites
Telephone: AT&T;, Time Warner Cable
9-1-1 service
Solid Waste: private contract
Water: Daily capacity 1,400,000 gallons with current usage at 455,000 during a 9 hour day.
Sewer: Daily capacity 1,250,000 gallons with current usage at 680,000 gallons during an 8 hour period.
The Newcomerstown Water Department operates a water well field located adjacent to the Newcomerstown Industrial Park.  The new well field has a production capacity of 1.44 million gallons per day with 1.4 million gallons in storage.  A recently completed wastewater treatment facility has a capacity of 1.25 million gallons.  These new facilities meet all Federal and Ohio Health Department requirements for drinking water including the amount of chloride an fluoride recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General.  The waste treatment facility has an environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved industrial pretreatment program.

2 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School

Medical Services
Coshocton Memorial Hospital --15 miles
Union Hospital, Dover --20 miles
Twin City Hospital, Dennison--20 miles
Southeast Ohio Regional Medical Center, Cambridge--25 miles
Several area doctors covering various fields of medicine

Professional Services and Skilled Trades
Within Newcomerstown there are numerous skilled tradesmen.  Newcomerstown is home to two hardware stores, several auto supply stores, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and sheet metal shops.  Within a short drive there are numerous industrial supply stores and machine shops.  Many of these have regular delivery to Newcomerstown.
Architectural and facilities planning services as well as complete construction capability and heavy equipment moving are offered by major general contractors located here.  A local CPA firm offers accounting, payroll, and tax services.  Local attorneys can handle any legal services required.

Community Improvement Corporation of Newcomerstown

P.O. Box 87  Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832

Phone: 740.498.5121  ext 12 (W.M. Brode Co.)  Fax: 740.498.8553